Trabectome surgery with and w/o cataract extraction: Outcomes in PXF versus POAG (Dr Jessica L Ting)

26Jun2010 1425hrs presented at the COS Annual Meeting in Quebec City by Dr Jessica L. Ting. The author reports no financial affiliation.

Trabectome ab interno surgery

The speaker refers to trabectome procedure as minimally invasive due to no conjunctival manipulation. In this study, they compared 677 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) patients to 104 Pseudoexfoliaiton Glaucoma patients (PXFG.)

The PXFG patients had higher mean age compared to the POAG group. The same post-op IOP at 12 months with PXFG having higher starting IOP therefore bigger drop for PXFG patients. The most common complication was intraocular blood reflux, which is to be expected due to the nature of the surgery involving removing the trabecular meshwork since usuallly just touching the meshwork is enough to cause some blood to reflux into the anterior chamber.

Kaplan Meyer analysis was performed and showed similar 1 year probability of survival between the two groups (but I missed the point she was making re PXFG vs POAG in trabectome alone but believe she said higher chance PXFG working at one year.)

The audience asked the following questions of the speaker:

Q: Any problems with being multicentre?

A: Agree a limitation

Q: In your prospective study, will you look at cost?

A: Had not planned to but that can be done