Talking About Glaucoma (TAG) AAC
TAG Episode 25 - 29Feb2016: Nelson Winkler & Cheryl Khanna Team Based Glaucoma Care (AAC Enhanced)

In this episode, I talk with Nelson Winkler (a medical student at the time) and Cheryl Khanna (Glaucoma attending) at The Mayo Clinic, who analyzed the outcomes of their team based model for Glaucoma care...

TAG Episode 24 - 30Aug2015: Suman Thapa Delivery of Glaucoma Care in Nepal(AAC Enhanced)

In this episode, I talk with Suman Thapa about delivering glaucoma care in Nepal. This conversation took place long before the two massive earthquakes in 2015. I am happy to see that Suman is back at work caring for patients.

No matter how well you think you know your EMR, there is more to learn

It was a classroom of over 30 students attending a course on learning the Kaleidoscope - the Ophthalmology module within Epic's EMR system. Three of us are Ophthalmologists; everyone else is involved in IT at their respective hospitals - trainers and data analysts. The day started by running through a typical patient exam to benefit the majority in the room who never examined patients with eye problems. Biggest surprise? ....

The EMR we want vs the one we are stuck with

The journey continues. Now it's time to continue the process of optimizing a dog of an EMR program. It is not the EMR anyone actually wanted but it's the one we are stuck with...

The decline and decline of the US Healthcare System Part 1 (E pluribus unum)

You would think that a developed country like the United would have the best access to medical care in the world. Sadly though it's a failure and getting worse. This from my perspective of having practiced in Canada and the United States. There are fundamental flaws in healthcare here...

Does maximizing utilization of "resources" lead to an improved patient experience in glaucoma care?

Whether in private practice or a hospital setting, nobody wants to be throwing money away on ancillary testing devices and staff salaries so we usually try to make sure we use our resources to their fullest. With the cost of equipment such as perimeters to perform visual field testing or Ocular Coherence Tomographers for nerve fibre layer scans in the $25-125K range, and technicians to perform the tests drawing salaries of $20-$40 per hour, you can understand why those making the purchasing and hiring decisions would not want to see any idle time. But, does maximizing utilization of resources lead to an improved patient experience in glaucoma care? You need an abundance of resources to have smooth patient flow which leads to a positive patient experience and improved staff morale.

Why isn't mobile technology seamless everywhere? I'm talking to you Greyhound!

We've come a long way with technology but aside from healthcare, there are other places that have not yet caught up to our mobile world. I'm talking buses! Greyhound specifically and this is going to end up being a bit of a rant. 

Review and unboxing Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One

It's brand new! Mophie, the makers of external battery packs for iPhones and a few other devices, has created a Juice Pack for the current best phone ever, the HTC One. I pre-ordered it and this is the unboxing. There is a serious flaw making at least the one I received unusable but Mophie will replace it.