Talking About Glaucoma (TAG) AAC
TAG Episode 22 - 6Feb2014: HiFU Therapy (AAC Enhanced)

In this episode, I talk with Florent Aptel, a glaucoma specialist in Grenoble, France, about his work in developing a modern day hi frequency ultrasound as a treatment for glaucoma in its early stages. Their group has developed a device that selectively focuses the energy on the ciliary body without collateral damage that offers hope as a future treatment modality.

TAG Episode 21 - 26Feb2013: Laser Iridotomy (AAC Enhanced)

In this episode, Dr Blumenthal and I discuss the not so obvious technique of peripheral laser iridotomy, emphasizing the shift away from the 12 o'clock position to a temporal location for most patients. We discuss the rationale for this shift, that includes the dramatic reduction in photopsias, as well as some tips and tricks in performing this technique.

1130 hrs: Vitreomacular adhesion to Anomylous PVD - Andrew Merkur

The concept is that the vitreous gel in the eye is like an octopus; if inject kenalog into the eye, you can't believe it sometimes when retina detached but vitreous still adherent.  He goes through the issues of cases when vitreous does not separate cleanly


0935 hrs: Review of Clinical Diagnosis of Choroidal Melanoma - Tara McCannel

Dr McCannel reviews the differential diagnosis of choroidal melanomas and presents examples of cases where the often used "To Find Small Ocular Melanomas" has failed her. 

Guilty by association: sponsorship and perceived endorsements

We are guilty by association when we speak in public. Whether you're a physician, academic, business person, or just somebody trying to get your message heard, you and your message are inseparable from their context. You are associated with event sponsors, academic institutions, Board of directors,  your colleagues, and they are all associated with you. We do not speak in a vacuum devoid of our surroundings.

Uveal prolapse 3 months s/p Ahmed Glaucoma Valve revision
Rather unexpectedly, this 78 year old gentleman showed up for a follow-up visit, almost three months since surgery, with uveal tissue prolapsing out his suture line.
Review and unboxing Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One

It's brand new! Mophie, the makers of external battery packs for iPhones and a few other devices, has created a Juice Pack for the current best phone ever, the HTC One. I pre-ordered it and this is the unboxing. There is a serious flaw making at least the one I received unusable but Mophie will replace it. - completely revised & ready to write!
All I can say is PHEW! I am so happy to be back on-line again after a process that took more than five months to complete. At first, I assumed I would be up and running within a couple of weeks but, as things always go with technology, it took a lot longer. Here's a partial story and an explanation of what lies ahead.
What were you thinking? Conveying the treatment rationale
challenge in daily practice in medicine is making sure when reporting back to the referring physician, that you are answering the question that led to the referral. A key part is to not just respond with an assessment and plan along with highlights of the examination, but also the rationale behind your thought processes.
Mix & match EMR systems; 3 month update after transition to hybrid system

As those faithful readers already know, I have always been in search of the perfect EMR solution for Ophthalmology and keep thinking I’ve found it. The latest iteration, after a transition that was difficult for all involved, is sort of like the latest Apple hardware…the best system I’ve ever had - until I change it again! One compromise though was to throw away the EMR ideal of one system to do everything.