Talking About Glaucoma (TAG) AAC
TAG Episode 23 - 3Nov2014: ab-interno trabecular bypass surgery (AAC Enhanced)

In this episode, Tom Samuelson and I discuss trabecular bypass procedures including the currently available & two future models of the iStent, and the Ivantis Hydrus Microstent. There is a tendency for doctors to prescribe third and fourth glaucoma medications even though it is well known that there is such a diminishing return after two medications. These ab-interno devices can serve as a glaucoma-lite procedure, the next step after two medications for those reluctant to proceed with a potentially more effective but more risky trabeculectomy. The use of multiple iStents, next generation devices, or targeting delivery to visualized collector ducts should lead to improvements in ab-interno trabecular bypass procedures in the years ahead.

TAG Episode 22 - 6Feb2014: HiFU Therapy (AAC Enhanced)

In this episode, I talk with Florent Aptel, a glaucoma specialist in Grenoble, France, about his work in developing a modern day hi frequency ultrasound as a treatment for glaucoma in its early stages. Their group has developed a device that selectively focuses the energy on the ciliary body without collateral damage that offers hope as a future treatment modality.

Retained lens fragment and subluxed IOL chafing induced post-op glaucoma

Patient presents 2 weeks following cataract surgery with retained lens fragments, iris chafing from subluxed IOL, broken bag, IOP of 51 and has had lens fragments supposedly removed already along with multiple paracenteses to attempt to bring the IOP down (along with being placed on multiple glaucoma meds.) Case is discussed and the surgery I performed is presented.

Guilty by association: sponsorship and perceived endorsements

We are guilty by association when we speak in public. Whether you're a physician, academic, business person, or just somebody trying to get your message heard, you and your message are inseparable from their context. You are associated with event sponsors, academic institutions, Board of directors,  your colleagues, and they are all associated with you. We do not speak in a vacuum devoid of our surroundings.

1130 hrs: Vitreomacular adhesion to Anomylous PVD - Andrew Merkur

The concept is that the vitreous gel in the eye is like an octopus; if inject kenalog into the eye, you can't believe it sometimes when retina detached but vitreous still adherent.  He goes through the issues of cases when vitreous does not separate cleanly


0935 hrs: Review of Clinical Diagnosis of Choroidal Melanoma - Tara McCannel

Dr McCannel reviews the differential diagnosis of choroidal melanomas and presents examples of cases where the often used "To Find Small Ocular Melanomas" has failed her. 

T-10 days and counting: EPIC 2014 ill-planned upgrade

Teaching works best when it takes place in the context in which the information will be used. That is one of the fundamental tenants of adult education. Another central principle is that adult learners have other things going on in their lives and cannot spend all their time outside of work still engaged in work related learning activities. An institution that rolls out upgrades to a mission-critical system that is central to the daily care of patients, if they really valued their employees and their patients, would protect time during working hours to allow their employees to learn new features while seeing patients. Or, at the very least, free them from clinical responsibilities for enough time to work with mock patients to learn the new system.

Epic failure - how can we achieve EMR interoperability when we have no intraoperability?

We are trying to reach a point with Electronic Medical Records where we can easily share medical information between providers at different geographic  locations. The road map for "meaningful use" had targeted this for 2014-15. Yet, the most widely used hospital based EMR system in this country, EPIC, fails to even allow sharing of data within our own hospital about a given patient let alone between other hospitals and ours. How did we drift so far from the goals of having EMRs actually help us care for patients?

Review and unboxing Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One

It's brand new! Mophie, the makers of external battery packs for iPhones and a few other devices, has created a Juice Pack for the current best phone ever, the HTC One. I pre-ordered it and this is the unboxing. There is a serious flaw making at least the one I received unusable but Mophie will replace it. - completely revised & ready to write!
All I can say is PHEW! I am so happy to be back on-line again after a process that took more than five months to complete. At first, I assumed I would be up and running within a couple of weeks but, as things always go with technology, it took a lot longer. Here's a partial story and an explanation of what lies ahead.