Keynote talk on the optic nerve in glaucoma

Here is a video of the slides used from the 19Feb2010 discussion with our residents at UBC on the optic nerve in glaucoma. This was designed as an interactive discussion with the residents asked to read in advance pages 47-61 of the American Academy of Ophthalmology BCSC manual on glaucoma, two references by Stephen Drance et al on the clinical appearance of the optic nerve, and a chapter in Fingeret, Flanagan, and Liebmann’s “The Essential HRT Primer” discussing progression. These and other references are noted as references in this blog entry (see below.) 

Myopic glaucomatous disc

I also experimented with a program called KeynoteTweet when presenting this discussion. It allows the presenter to embed tweets in the presenter notes of a Keynote talk between [twitter] and [/twitter] markers and when that slide is reached, the words between those two marks get posted from your twitter account. I have removed these from the posted version of the talk so nobody accidentally resends these tweets! There is probably a future for this sort of technology to help broadcast information while it is being presented to a wider audience.


It should be pointed out that we have been using the HRT since 1994 and the FSM value for glaucoma detection, the Topographic Change Analysis for progression and the Glaucoma Probability Score for mathematical modelling/classification were developed by Drs Mikelberg, Swindale and Chauhan respectively (two current faculty and one former fellow.) Therefore, there is likely some bias toward speaking highly about this technology.