Dr Dre Tour beats with Control Talk - poorly constructed & over-priced

Dr Dre Beats Tour with Control Talk

I have now lost my faith in Monster products after purchasing the Dr Dre Tour beats with Control Talk after the right ear piece went crackly after less than 2 weeks of using less than an hour per day. Don’t let the high price fool you into thinking this is a top quality product. Yes, the sound quality was really good while it lasted and the full volume control, mic, and pause, skip functions are convenient but not if in the end you are getting a really poorly constructed crappy set of buds. I now understand why others complain that monster is over-hyped - this proves it. I guess seeing everything Dr Dre on American Idol made me think they are now a professional line of audio products but nothing could be further form the truth.

There are many other earbud options out there though somewhat limited choices if you want to control your iPhone’s volume for when you’re using the iPod app. Although this set of earbuds seems to have a great feature set, it is living up to other on-line reviews that complained of their poor construction. I have now experienced it for myself and will be returning them to London Drugs for a full refund. I do not think it is worth giving Monster Cable another chance with a replacement set as you shouldn’t have such a poor experience with a set of headphones with a MSRP of $199! Monster Cable does have a long history of selling audio cables that are often twice as expensive as competitors and have held a mystique about being worth it due to the best construction wherever the cables insert into their plugs. I guess they have dropped their quality without dropping their prices to match.