1555hrs Session 4 Panel Discussion, Kevin Wade, MD moderator


What about those who have an EMR.

- may be opportunity in future

Do I just go out and buy some scanners now?

- contact PITO now and get the forms you need

Is this similar to eRx in the states?

- e prescribing not likely til 2012

Any option for Mac based systems?

- not a requirement but some can

Any cost to physician from PITO for review

- no

If almost there with current vendor, what happens to transition to new system

What to do with old records

- most physicians scan old records and tag the sheets as to what they are

With large databases for ophthy needs, will PITO get us T1 lines since PITO does not allow servers in offices

How do you respond to feeling by some specialists that government feels specialist make enough money that no need to find a solution for ophthalmology that would be PITO subsidized

- not true at all, except that there is a cap at 70% of $10,000 for each physician

What do we tell our patients; need explicit consent from patient

Since info stored off site in 3rd party, does that mean others will have access to the data.

- vendors not allowed to disclose the data

- we only need consent to send data elsewhere

Have other specialists come together as a COP?

- rheumatology strongest collaboration

Given amount of data, do you see possibility, will we be charged differently for amount of storage and say something about PITO privacy committee

- vendor not allowed to charge more for more data

- for privacy, there is a committee overseeing privacy and security

Out of all approved PITO approved vendors, none are fully ophthalmology ready...where do we go now?

- do we start with an approved vendor or get another one