1505hrs Session 3 Panel Discussion, Briar Sexton, MD moderator

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Does anyone do Tensilon testing for MG?

- Dr Cockerham opts for Ice test first

- Dr Arnold reports that survey of neuro-ophthalmologists almost never use it

Dr Kazim: does Raider's syndrome exist or were they small dissections that were being missed?

- Dr Arnold: original cases a small mass

Dr Macintosh: Horners associated with subclavian line in ICU, recoverable?

- Dr Arnold, variable

- Dr Cockerham finds chiropractic manipulation, high velocity roller coaster as things to check in your history for Horners

What is your management of atypical optic neuritis if everything normal on work up; do you use steroids?

- Dr Arnold agrees to trial of steroids. Warns that some patients have Sarcoid that could show some response to steroid. Most recent aypical optic neuritis for him was a patient with an adult glioma; thought it was sarcoid, did workup, gave steroid trial, optic nerve got bigger and more enhancing and turned out to be optic nerve glioma.

- Dr Cockerham, seeing some lymphoma and Tb for optic neuritis.