1134hrs: Surgical Retina PANEL DISCUSSION

Discussion held after the lunch break instead of before. Here are some notes.



Q: Any pearls from ancillary testing and also sub RPE membranes. Thoughts on Anti-VEGF

A: Dr Maberley, size and duration of macular hole important. Chronicity and macular RPE changes might lead to poorer prognosis. Still a role for removing sub RPE membranes. Pre-op avastin not good for these cases.

Q: Dr Napier, as a cataract surgeon, do you have any advice if high myope and had prior vitrectomy…how to handle this very deep anterior chamber.

A: Dr Merkur, suggests keeping bottle height as low as possible yet trying to keep stable chamber. However, that missing vitreous scaffold makes this tough. If have access to 25-G system, infuse posteriorly or put gas into vitreous cavity. Also suggests hanging a bag to infuse more fluid from behind rather than setting up a second (vitrectomy) machine.

Q: Dr Maberley, asks more about longterm data of sutureless scleral fixated IOLs.

A: Dr Merkur, don’t have more data on longterm follow-up. Says one study from a group in Germany reported no complications but limited to one study.