1102hrs: Vitreoretinal Surgery in the Third World (Anthony Hall)

Dr Albiani introduces Dr Hall, trained in Zimbabwe then in England. Has since moved to Tanzania at the Christian Medical Centre.



What do retinal surgeons in Africa do. Patients tend to present rather late. Often see trauma cases, also presenting late. Lots of paediatric cataract surgery as well that generates retinal detachments later. Also complications of HIV to deal with.

KCMC directly serves 2.5 million people. Referrals from much broader area. Dr Hall has a program that has trained 7 others across africa. All of this just scratches the surface of all those in need of retinal care.

Almost all patients present rather late. Also, very often the only eye at time of presentation.  Frequently subretinal fibrosis. Goal to try to restore some navigation vision. Huge range of very interesting patients. Everyday is a grand rounds.  Deal with lots of infections and vascular problems.

Trauma also a big problem, often children presenting late after lacerations.

Case of “unusual Bests’ disease.” In fact, Cysticercosis as could be seen when examine fellow eye. 

Another case of damage from VKH with serous detachment, sunset glow, and subretinal membranes. Steroids initiated but still lots of traction bands. Ultimately did remove the traction bands and has navigation vision.