TAG Episode 9 - Nov 22, 2009 (AAC version)

In this episode, Dr Hom and I discuss things to consider in purchasing a Visual Field machine for your practice. We look at the choice based on the scope of your practice, networking, and sharing your data with colleagues.

Dr. Hom has over 25+ years of medical optometric eye care. From 2002-2006,  he served as the Coordinator, Primary Care Optometry, San Mateo Medical Center. In that capacity, he managed a broad range of eye problems from refractive to medical. He has significant experience in managing diabetic retinopathy and was key in establishing one of the state’s first demonstration project for the screening of diabetics with digital retinal photography for retinal eye disease.  From 1984-1999, Dr Hom was a low vision and specialty contact lens consultant for Kaiser’s San Francisco Medical Center.

His varied career brought him to a passion for access and language competency in health care. He also has a deep interest in cultural and language competency in medical care.

Dr. Hom combines these two interests in continuing education lectures and as a print author and blogger http://grandrounds4ods.com

This episode was recorded November 11, 2009 over the internet using Skype and the mix was finalized on November 22, 2009.
Selected references:
No specific journal articles are referenced in this episode. We do refer you to your local vendor of ophthalmic instruments in helping you in your decision on what type of Visual Field device best suits your practice and hope this discussion helps guide you in the right direction.

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