Amsterdam & Italy 2011: Day 1 - The Amazing Race 15Apr2011

Over the next two weeks (April 15-29, 2011) our family will be traveling around Italy after a stopover in Amsterdam for a few days. From Amsterdam we head to Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and finish in Rome. Although I will be writing from the road, I won’t go live with the articles until we are back due to home security reasons.

After too many seasons watching The Amazing Race, it was hard not to think of how to “finish first” today so that we can get that extra prize for winning this leg of the race. The first “clue” said to use only public transportation to get to YVR to catch our designated KLM flight. We has time to get some euros at the bank, before hopping on the B-Line bus then the Canada Line Skytrain. At YVR, things were a bit chaotic as other teams lined up to use two check-in terminals while only one other team was actually checking their bags. Noticing two other touch-screen stations that were not being used, we jumped to those and then checked our bags way ahead of the other teams. Okay, so that was the only Amazing Race part of the day, except for all other teams ending up on the same flight and we couldn’t even get seats near the front so we can be first off the plane in Amsterdam!