Exploring Reddit for discussing glaucoma articles

Always looking for new ways of using technology in education, I recently created a sub-reddit for glaucoma articles. As not everyone is familiar with reddit.com, it is worth a brief explanation before you head over there to check out http://reddit.com/r/talkingaboutglaucoma to become actively involved in the learning experience.

Talking About Glaucoma sub-reddit

Reddit.com provides a great service for anyone to post links to articles that they think others would like to read. A very successful use is http://reddit.com/r/technewstoday for the popular daily technology podcast Tech News Today. As this one now has over 3,000 participants, you can see how hopefully one day the reddit for talkingaboutglaucoma could look in terms of articles getting ranked by popularity and you will also see that many people have contributed links to articles.

I have started by posting links to some recent on-line glaucoma journal abstracts and news stories about glaucoma. Usability is excellent for reddit.

Here is how you read, comment, rate and forward articles

  • Click on the article title to jump to the article.
  • Go back to return to the reddit page
  • Click the up or down arrow in front of the article title to vote the article up or down
  • Click on comment to add your thoughts about the story
  • Use the Share button to email a link to someone

This is how you post glaucoma related articles to the talkingaboutglaucoma reddit if the site has a Share button

Share options

submit to sub-reddit

  • Many websites have a Share button that opens a window with options
  • Select Reddit
  • In the subreddit field in the reddit window, type in talkingaboutglaucoma
  • Confirm that you are human

If no Share button available

Reddit - submit a link

If you want to post a link to a site that does not have a Share button on it or does not have a share option that includes Reddit, the instructions are similar

  • Copy the url from your browser address bar when viewing an article
  • Go to reddit http://reddit.com/r/talkingaboutglaucoma (or really from any sub reddit site) and find the well hidden ‘submit a link’ button on the right side panel. 
  • This will pop up the same sort of window as above but now you need to paste in the URL in the URL field, click on the option to have it suggest a title, then still type in talkingaboutglaucoma for the subreddit.

I look forward to readers of my blog getting involved in the Talking About Glaucoma sub-reddit. Please read, comment, vote up or down and submit other articles so that we can turn that into a useful learning environment for glaucoma. At some point, I plan to see what is popular on the Talking About Glaucoma reddit to use that for the basis of future Talking About Glaucoma podcast episodes.