This past week in Glaucoma Consults Sep 7-11, 2009

Here is a roundup of the tweets I posted this past week regarding glaucoma patients seen in consultation. Please read and add comments to turn this teachable moments into a many days of learning!

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robschertzer#glaucoma consult 73 to Tamil M, debris laden angle only eye IOP 32 v thin CCT; rare good reason start multiple meds

robschertzer#glaucoma consult 77 yo Japanese male, disc asymmetry, repeatable VF defects likely eyelid artifacts, N CCT and IOP; re-assess 6/12

robschertzer#glaucoma consult 41 yo chinese M, JOAG compliance issue w/ 4 meds (who wouldn't!); will try SLT to decrease no. of meds.

robschertzer#glaucoma consult: 57 yo Japanese M, inc cupping, normal CCT, VF. Safe to observe for change over time.

robschertzer#glaucoma consult: 49 yo F, 13.0D myope w/ no other risk fx; repeat HRT scans but no reason to see again unless changes.

robschertzer#glaucoma consult: 27 yo WF eye pain w/ mvmts, rt side stroke 2/12 ago after MVA, constricted VF OS - optic neuritis? Await neuro-ophth.

robschertzer#glaucoma consult: 82 yo WF, borderline discs & VF, but corneas 480ums; will follow for now but not convinced sig glaucoma risk.

robschertzer#glaucoma consult: 93 yo WF, glaucomatous defect 1 eye, IOPs 20 & 19; unlikely to progress in lifetime-leaving well enough alone.

robschertzer#glaucoma consult 73 yo M Ethiopian, had received drops from here x 5yrs as none available there; 2 sis blind! Now here; all good, phew!

robschertzer#glaucoma consult; 67 yo M IOP=18 OU, normal CCT, early paracent VF defect OD, corresponding HRT nfl dropout to confirm diagnosis.